Zhiyun Crane M2 for smartphones, action cameras and compact cameras
  • Zhiyun Crane M2 for smartphones, action cameras and compact cameras

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    The Zhiyun Crane M2 is a medium-weight gimbal that supports lighter digital cameras, action cams and cell phones. Practically all devices between 130 & 720g. The gimbal has all the functions of the Smooth Q2, as well as the Go mode as an extra that functions as a sport mode. In contrast to the Smooth Q2, this gimbal is a lot harder to mount and also requires more space. However, it comes in a handy styrofoam case with all the necessary accessories, including the mobile phone mount. Just like the Q2, the workmanship has no defects and it is made of aluminum. In addition to an OLED display with all the important information, such as the camera settings for ISO and more, the gimbal also has Bluetooth and WiFi for a connection with a mobile phone or PC. The battery life amounts to 7 hours non-stop use and it can also be charged via a power bank.

    • Specifications

      Operating voltage battery

      Max .: 12.6 BC

      Default: 11.1 v

      Min .: 9.8 BC

      Output voltage

      Default: 5 v

      operating temperatur

      Max .: 45 ° C

      Standard: 25 ° C

      Min .: -10 ° C

      Battery life

      Max .: 7 h

      Loading time

      Standard: 2 h

      2000 mA 500 mA

      Stabilizer tracking deviation in the state of motion

      Max .: ± 0.3 °

      Min .: ± 0.05 °

      Tracking deviation in the static state

      Max .: ± 0.04 °

      Min .: ± 0.01 °

      Mechanical tilt range

      Standard: 310 °

      Mechanical roll area

      Standard: 324 °

      Pan axis movement angle range

      Standard: 360 °

      Unlimited rotation

      Permissible load

      Max .: 720 g

      Min .: 130 g

    • scope of delivery

      Gimbal including all accessories